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SALT Electrolyte Drink Mix Variety Pack

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Get started with all our flavors in easy-to-use single-serving packets.

INCLUDES: 28 packets in 7-Strawberry, 7-Raspberry, 7-Lemon Lime, 7-Mango

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Potassium Ingredient - Electrolyte Drink Mix
Calcium Ingredient - Electrolyte Drink Mix
Magnesium Ingredient - Electrolyte Drink Mix
Zinc Ingredient - Electrolyte Drink Mix
Chloride Ingredient - Electrolyte Drink Mix
Iodine Ingredient - Electrolyte Drink Mix
Stevia Ingredient - Electrolyte Drink Mix
Real Fruit Extracts Ingredient - Electrolyte Drink Mix

High-Performance Ingredients for ultimate hydration

Sea Salt is considered the best way for us to intake sodium. Sea salt contains mostly sodium, but also contains many other trace elements that we need.

Have you ever eaten salty foods like potato chips or french fries and then couldn’t take off your wedding ring? Potassium is the counterpart to sodium.

If you have sodium by itself you will feel swollen and puffy. Sodium activates our cells to take moisture in, potassium activates our cells to let moisture out.

These two together let us hydrate properly without that bloated, puffy feeling.

We have heard forever that calcium makes our bones stronger, but did you know it is also an electrolyte mineral?

Our body operates by electricity. Electrolytes are metals that are conductive and capable of carrying either a positive or negative electrical charge.

If we don’t have minerals flowing through our body that conduct our electric impulses, our nervous system will have trouble relaying messages from our brain to our muscles. When the signal can’t get through crazy things happen. We experience:

  • Headaches
  • Cramps
  • Foggy headedness
  • Long recovery
  • Low performance
  • Low energy

Magnesium is a counterpart to calcium. One without the other creates imbalance.

Magnesium also has a calming effect. In high doses, it can help with sleep and calm stress and, in certain forms, is commonly used as a laxative.

We used Magnesium Glycinate because it is easily absorbed by our body and has little to zero laxative effect. We figured athletes wouldn’t appreciate a laxative.

 Zinc is also a counterpart to calcium, but carries with it the added benefit of assisting in immune system health.

Chloride is the regulator of electrolytes. I regulates the fluid and nutrients entering and exiting cells in your body. Your system will take the chloride it needs and flush the rest.

Studies of professional soccer and hockey athletes show that nearly 80% are iodine deficient and show signs thyroid issues. This is likely true of every sport, these are just the ones we have data on. No other electrolyte supplement on the market addresses the iodine issue.

Stevia is a delicious natural sweetener that has zero calories. We chose this because it...

  • is natural
  • won’t cause fluctuations in blood sugar levels
  • won’t leave a sticky residue in your mouth that can make it difficult to breathe efficiently.

Many athletes must drink during exercise, such as marathon runners or cyclists. These athletes need something that goes down clean, stevia goes down clean.

“Natural Flavors” can mean a lot of things, some of them pretty sketchy. When we say “natural” we mean it.

We searched for pure fruit or vegetable extracts.

It was difficult to find a natural extracts that could be used in a dry powder mix, but we eventually found one.

We are super happy with the results. Natural flavor extracts create mild flavor profiles that taste like the fruit not like candy.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Great stuff and great taste

I really like SALT electrolytes! I was really hesitant as I thought the taste would be….well…salty. The taste is amazing and mixes really well. Great for training especially on those “busy” days when you know you haven’t eaten correctly or had enough fluid intake. Highly recommend

Thank you for your review Cory! We are glad you love it!

Ben Beers
Excellent product / Excellent service

We are a seamless gutter company and will keep our trailer stocked with SALT to keep our guys hydrated and going strong. Our order was processed seamlessly!

Thank you! Shout out to Idaho Seamless Gutter, Go Earn Your SALT!

Trevor Broughton
Convenient packaging and just the right amount of flavor to keep me coming back for more

Quick shipping and really happy with the convenient packaging. The flavor is just enough to keep it interesting and not be overpowering. As an added bonus is keep my water from freezing while we are fat-biking in the winter and keeps me from cramping after big deadlift days in the gym. Only trouble is keeping the family from stealing my stash of SALT.

Keeping your water bottle from freezing... We didn't think about that as a product benefit. Thank you for your feedback Trevor!

Krystal Chanda
Greatest stuff!

Love the flavor and the results!

We are excited to hear that you love SALT!

winston sevy

SALT Electrolyte Drink Mix Variety Pack

Thank you Winston!