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First, this is a legit question, however, the real question should be "How does the price compare to our competition"?

For example, Liquid IV, a big box store brand, sells their 64 pack for $99.96 on their website. This is 23 cents less per serving than SALT Electrolytes drink mix or $1.56 per serving. If you want the same amount of sodium you would get in SALT Electrolyte drink mix you would have to drink 1.8 servings of Liquid IV.

Liquid IV- $1.56 per serving X 1.8 = $2.80 per serving!

Do the same math with your current supplement and you will find that SALT Electrolyte drink mix is one heckuva good value! (Yes, we said heckuva, we are from Idaho, we like that word around here.)

Although I could get very technical and use lots of impressive sounding words to show you how smart I really am, I won't. Electrolytes are simply minerals that conduct electricity. Your body operates using electrical signals. Your brain communicates with your organs, nerves, and muscles electrically.

If you are low on electrolytes the signals from your brain to your muscles can be impaired. For instance, if you have ever experienced a cramp or Charlie Horse, this is often caused by low electrolytes. That muscle is not receiving the correct signal telling it to relax, so it decides to rebel and flex, even though you didn't tell it to.

Here is an extreme example of severely depleted electrolytes.

These ladies gave it their all, though they were in world class physical condition, their muscles were not getting the signals they needed to work properly. It is hard to watch, but depleted electrolytes can be much worse than failing muscles, it can result in hyponatremia which can be deadly. Read this tragic article of a woman who died from hyponatremia while participating in a radio contest.

The point is, electrolytes are vital for optimal performance. SALT Electrolyte drink mix combines 6 different electrolytes to keep you running strong. Go Earn Your SALT!

Yes! SALT Electrolyte drink mix does have a salty flavor note, however, many people say that it tastes "creamy". In fact, this statement is so common that we considered naming our strawberry flavor "Strawberries and Cream".

The concern about high sodium intake being related to high blood pressure is a common concern, however, it has been disproven for decades. See this article in the Huffington post.

The theory was based on a study done by Lewis Dahl, George Leitl, and Martha Heine. Click here to see the full paper. The study states "For this we used a unique strain of rats, originally selected and bred for susceptibility to salt hypertension but subsequently found to be generally hyperresponsive to a number of the noxious stimuli commonly used to induce experimental hypertension." They then began to feed these rats massive amounts of sodium (the equivalent of you drinking 1,000-1,200 servings of SALT Electrolyte drink mix) per day. These rats, who were bred to be sodium sensitive, had problems with hypertension, of course.

However, another group of rats that, although they ingested the same amount of sodium, were also given potassium. The study states, "...potassium moderates the hypertensinogenic effect of sodium."

If you plan to ingest 1,000 or more servings of SALT Electrolyte drink mix per day (you definitely have achieved preferred customer status) rest assured, there is plenty of potassium in our formula to offset your ridiculous sodium intake. I'm kidding of course, take it easy!

This is a great question! There are many symptoms that can present themselves when your body is low on electrolytes.

✗ Headache- Many times this is the first symptom of electrolyte depletion.

✗ Foggy headedness- Brain fog, lack of focus or concentration. Depleted electrolytes mean your body's electrical signals can't travel freely, making you feel off.

✗ Cramps- Your brain tells your muscles when to flex and when to release. If you are electrolyte deficient, a muscle may not hear from your brain. If it doesn't know what to do it gets busy doing its own thing like flexing and not releasing. We call this a cramp or Charlie Horse, see an example here!

✗ Lower performance- If you just feel off-your-game or like you have lost-your-edge, it is possibly your body's way of telling you it needs electrolytes.

✗ Low energy- People often ask us what ingredient in SALT Electrolyte drink mix gives them energy. What they are experiencing is not an energy supplement, it is just electrolytes allowing their body to work like it should!

You bet you can! We like it with iced tea, sparkling water, or blended into a slushy. Please experiment and let us know what you like to mix it with! Contact us here.

The brand of sea salt we use in our formula is mined from an ancient sea bed in Utah that has long been dried-up. It is unrefined so you are getting it in its natural form with all of the valuable trace minerals included at no extra charge!

In large enough doses magnesium can be used as a laxative, usually in the form of magnesium citrate. We use magnesium glycinate in SALT Electrolytes drink mix because it is more bioavailable than magnesium citrate. Magnesium citrate passes through your digestive system whereas magnesium glycinate absorbs into your tissue. For reference, a laxative will use about 2,900 mg magnesium citrate and will definitely loosen you up! SALT Electrolyte drink mix uses 65 mg magnesium glycinate.

The relatively small amount and type of magnesium we put in SALT Electrolytes drink mix should not affect you in that way.

Nope. But it is delicious when very cold, so you should try it, you might like it!

No. It is possible the flavors and sweetness my be reduced with time, but it will not go bad.

Throughout history salt has been highly valued and commonly used as currency. Warriors and sailors were sometimes given rations of salt for their wages. If they were worthy, they were said to have “earned their salt”.

SALT Electrolytes drink mix is designed for today’s warriors, athletes, and those who get-after-it and work up a sweat regularly. If you are eating healthy, drinking plenty of water, and working out, you need to replenish your electrolytes. With a light refreshing flavor, SALT is great to drink during your workout because it will not coat your mouth with a thick sticky film. SALT is delectably salty so you will desire to drink more making rehydration easy. SALT contains 6 different electrolytes, and a touch of iodine to help maintain a healthy thyroid*. No sugar, no colors, no BS. GO EARN YOUR SALT!

*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.



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We realize it is impossible to create any product that everyone likes the taste of, so we do not accept returns for that reason. That being said, our variety pack contains 4 flavors. If you find you like some flavors better than others, please let us know. We are considering producing single flavor boxes in the future.